electronic displays Conference 2018

28.02.-01.03.2018, Nuremberg, Germany


Review electronic displays Conference 2017

In 2017 some 450 display specialists came together for Europe's largest display conference dedicated to applications of displays.

The 31st electronic display Conference saw many highlights:

Internationally renowned experts held keynote presentations on new approaches in display technology as well as market and technology trends. Other thematic focus areas and highlights of the conference included success factors for displays in automotive applications, OLEDs, AR/VR and the latest trends in touch screens. Sessions on topics like display measuring technology, interfaces and display optimisation provided a fitting complement to the programme, while the regular author interviews after each session offered a great opportunity to discuss the presentation content in a small group setting.

“The electronic displays Conference is the most important information and opinion platform in Europe for the industrial display sector. The program offered expertise for developers and for scientists, users, and decision-makers,” according to Dr. Karlheinz Blankenbach.

Attendees’ quotes:

  • Great session – really enjoyed the Keynotes – a good range of talks
  • Author interviews – a great chance for discussing details
  • Very informative, good form to get networked  
  • Keynotes are very interesting because they give a broad outlook on a particular topic, e.g. market brands
  • Very good mixed package of all display + touch + measurement-issues
  • I'm really happy with this conference and I feel that I have learned a lot
  • Excellence technical content.